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Environment Awareness Week

April 22 ,2022 to April 28 , 2022

Keep the oceans blue, the planet green and the animals safe. Because a green and clean future is a prosperous future. It is high time now , we need to act boldly, innovate broadly, and implement equitably to protect the Environment . It’s going to take all of us to save the earth . All in, businesses people, government, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.

Taking this thought students from classes III to XII celebrated Environment Awareness Week. Different activities were conducted to Impart basic knowledge about different environmental issues and make the students aware of safe and sustainable waste disposal management.

1. April 22, 2022 – Earth Day celebration - Theme of the Earth Day 2022 is, Invest In Our Planet and Reduce the Plastic Pollution. Akshita Baid and Charu Sharma delivered a speech on Earth Day. They gave emphasis to choose both a prosperous and sustainable future , and to build a healthy planet by reducing the use of Plastic.

2. April 23,2022 Clean up Drive - The Clean-Up Drive is held by the students of classes VI and VII to raise awareness among students to dedicate themselves to community services for the benefit of the society. This event is also the perfect opportunity for its participants to realize how a clean environment would contribute a better change to its surroundings.

3. April 24,2022 Environment Awareness Rally–Students of classes VIII and IX were out of their houses in the nearby colonies on the warm and beautiful Sunday morning to make people re-think about plastic and do something about it before- it is too late - before this one-time miracle material damages us and our planet.Sea-birds and marine creatures such as turtles, seals and dolphins cannot differentiate between plastic, and the jellyfish which they eat. Plastic damages the digestive systems of whales and sea birds, and can kill them. Students were carrying playcards with slogans on save environment .

4. April 25,2022 Bird Feeder Hanging Activity -Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble. By Roger Tory Peterson To sensitize children towards saving common birds and sustaining wildlife, Science Department, Primary section, organized a ‘Birdfeeder hanging activity’, on April 25, 2022. The students of class III made bird feeders for their feathered friends and hung them on the school premises. Students participated with great enthusiasm and filled them with water and grains to help birds survive in the hot weather.

5. April 26,2022 Skit on Reduce Plastic Pollution - Plastic is a man-made material that over the last fifty or sixty years, has changed the way we live. Plastic has changed everything from the clothes we wear to the things we buy for our homes. It has changed engineering, manufacturing and product design, and packaging. And all these things take advantage of one of the great qualities of plastic - it lasts for a long time - a very long time - and is very difficult - if not impossible - to destroy. Students of class X showcased skits on the ill effects of plastic pollution.

6. April 27,2022 Mural Paintings on school wall to show Reuse of Plastic –We can reuse plastic , we can recycle plastic but we should try to reduce the use of plastic .Students used waste Plastic Bottles and made beautiful Paintings from that trash. Plastic waste, being ubiquitous, causes potential harm to both marine lives as well as humans. Several shreds of evidence have been found that prove the death-causing nature of plastics. We should reduce its use and make the earth green and beautiful with Trees and Flowers.

7. April 28,2022 Biodiversity Scenic drive was done by the students on april 28 in the campus – BVB Vidyashram premises is lush green and full of flora and fauna . We learn the values of environmental conservation while being part of green initiatives. The objective of this drive is to create awareness of conservation and traditional uses of herbs and medicinal plants, and to also be a place where students can learn how to identify and conserve these important plants.

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