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Pre-school education is imparted in Balwadi at two stages, viz. LKG and UKG. Great emphasis is laid on learning through cognition, affectivity and conation. Ample opportunities are provided to see, hear, recognize and understand in a free environment. They learn the language skills in a natural interactive setting.

The children learn to Identify , Classify, Segregate, and Assimilate in natural surroundings to enhance their innate qualities of creativity. Efforts are made to inculcate in them Positive Attitude, Good Habits and Self-Motivation.


The morning assembly begins with the Bhavan's Prayer. It is followed by a short talk which helps the children to develop their presentation skills.

Some Stylized Activities are organized to stimulate in children the talent of imagination, conceptualization, self-expression and creativity through the coordination of mind, body and soul through Clay Modeling, Collage-Making, Tower-Building, Jigsaw Puzzle etc.

BVB Balwadi has Comfortable Classrooms, a Spacious Playground, a Cozy Doll House and a Secure Environment which helps in the all-round development of the child. The Playground-cum-Park is specially equipped with Montessori equipments to help the children to develop motor skills.

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