Rocket Designing and Launching Competition

21st November, 2022

BVB Vidyashram, K.M. Munshi Marg Jaipur’s AVA (Astronomy Club) in collaboration with ITILA Club organized a rocket designing, launching and parachute landing Workshop cum Competition for the students of standard VIII –IX on 21st November, 2022.
The zeal of the participants was quite prominent in the Lilliputian rockets. The students designed, built and created the rockets deploying plastic bottles and cardboard for body and fins and water and air as propellants.
The competition not only triggered the imagination and creativity of the students but also provided a wonderful opportunity to attain first-hand experience and explore the world of astronomy. The vigor and enthusiasm of the students were well directed and nurtured under the abled guidance of the resource persons present on the occasion.
The activity stirred the young scientist to study the basic concepts of rocket engineering dynamics and apply the fundamental principles of physics to design and test water rockets which used air pressure as a propellant.
Overall the experience and learning outcomes were quite promising.
Following are the winners and position holders.

Divyanshu Jain
Yathartha Kumar
VIII-A 1st Position
Tanishka Sharma
Arindam Pareek
Lakshya Rai
VIII-C 2nd Position
Shivansh Sharma
Samriddhi Maheshwari
VIII-C 3rd Position
Pranjay Sharma
Divyansh Jain
IX-F 1st Position
Jeevesh Singhal
Lohitaksh Jain
IX-A 2nd Position
Suryansh Chaudhary IX-B 2nd Position

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